BGBC is a diverse group of people from the areas of Watford, Kings Langley, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and beyond. We are made up of single, married, young and old people.

Beechen Grove Baptist Church - Baptist heritage

Beechen Grove Baptist church started in 1707 as a Baptist Church and has maintained its Baptist heritage across the years.

Beechen Grove Baptist Church - Biblical view

We hold on to the Biblical view that the church is the body of believers – the ‘living stones’ – and not the building in which it meets.

The congregation of Beechen Grove Baptist Church

The congregation is also made up of many nationalities including: English, Nigerian, Jamaican, Zimbabwean, Ghanaian, American, Brazilian, Indian, Trinidadian, South Korean...

Beechen Grove Baptist Church

About Beechen Grove Baptist Church

Beechen Grove Baptist church started in 1707 as a Baptist Church and has maintained its Baptist heritage across the years.

We had a long history of cooperation and goodwill towards other Christian groups in Watford and beyond. The church pastor and a good number of people from our church were very much hands-on in the ‘first steps’ of New Hope, a remarkable charity that seeks to serve the homeless.

Beechen Grove Baptist Church has also played an active part in the local Churches Together and Christians Across Watford, both with this desire for unity and cooperation within the Christian Church.


Our Vision and Identity

Our Baptist Heritage links us with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and also have the strongest commitment to maintaining  to Home Mission and BMS World Mission.

Baptist churches believe in

  • The lordship of Christ that sets us free to be our true selves;
  • The authority of the bible, because in the bible we learn about Christ;
  • Believers’ baptism, because it expresses a truly personal faith;
  • A free or believers’ church, because it is a genuine expression of Christian community and consists of people who have made a ‘covenant’ commitment to each other;
  • The priesthood of all believers, because it affirms the place of all Christians in the worship and service of God;
  • Church membership and Church Members’ Meetings, because in this way we can all take responsibility for the life of the church;Interdependence, because we need each other and each church needs other churches;
  • Sharing the faith, because we are people of conviction and want others to become part of us;
  • Religious freedom, because only free faith is true faith and all should have the freedom to come to their own convictions.

Knowing Jesus & Making Jesus Known

Since their beginning, Baptists have always been deeply committed to mission and evangelism.

We believe that God wills the salvation of the whole world. According to the apostle Paul, God has a plan for the fullness of time and it is ‘to gather up all things in him (Christ), things in heaven and things on earth’ (Ephesians 1:8-10).

In another place he states that in Christ ‘all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible’ and goes on to say that through him, ‘God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through the blood of his cross’ (Colossians 1:15, 19-20).

As the words ‘all things’ occur a number of times in these verses it is difficult to get beyond them. They mean what they say: ‘all things’ leaves nothing out. And Christ is the means by which God intends to restore the whole world.

As a general term, mission has a variety of dimensions.

1) Nurturing faith and discipleship

2) Witnessing to Christ

3) Responding to human need

4) Struggling to transform society

5) Caring for creation

6) Engaging with other world views

Our location

We are a Baptist Church situated in Watford Town Centre.

You can find us on the corner of Clarendon Road and Beechen Grove.

The Church is 5 minutes walk from Watford Junction railway station and the Harlequin Centre.

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Our location